Thursday, June 10, 2010

Man is Flawed? Tell Me Something I Didn't Know...

I am very moved by The Faithful. I am brought to tears when I witness a moving religious scene (not on film...reality). Now, I can say with absolute certainty that I don’t know anything from Adam when it comes to figuring out my views on religion (yet), but anyone can see that I am affected by Faith. It’s something—yes, a thing…not a concept, but an actual entity—to which I feel myself drawn and simultaneously, instinctively prone to question. I suppose I should feel better that I am not alone. In fact, I am in darn good company in my questioning of religion, but I don’t feel better. It’s not the point of my questioning to disprove or prove. I question because I think critically about it. It is that simple.

Yet, I find myself wanting. The reality is that I want to believe…in something. Even if its science that prevails, at least please let something prevail! This is the thought rattling around in my head. Can’t something please come forward and claim the prize?!

Nope. That’s not how Faith works. Not that I plan to continue using cliché-style phrases, but this one seems to hit the mark here (don’t they all—hence they’re becoming clichés): religion is only flawed because man is flawed. am I right when I take that to mean that because we (man) aren't perfect, we can't communicate the devine correctly? Interestingly enough, this isn’t a statement made by just one religion…it’s made by several. I have started doing a little reading, you see, and it appears that you need to remove your head when thinking (another common statement among a few religions). Yep. Get your head out of the way, and you may just find the path to enlightenment. Think innocently—like a child does—and you will (forgive the pun) see the light.

Perhaps I sound like I am poking a bit of fun. I’m not. I do find it ironic that religions (plural) tell us that what we need to have is faith in order for us to understand their faith. Interesting. Isn’t that a circular logic? Hmmm…jury’s still out. But I guess that the point though, huh? The jury has been hung on this one for a while now…looks like they’re leaving us to figure it out on our own.

I certainly have no words of wisdom or opinion on the matter at this point in time (ask me again tomorrow). All I will say today is that on my short-lived journey to figure out Faith I have seen plenty of information to fuel the eager mind. Good. If I wasn’t sure before, I am positive now more than ever that I will need all references and sources available to help calm the questions that won’t shut up. Because at the end of this—like I said—I want a result. If I am being totally honest, I might say that I am hoping to figure out how to have Faith.

I’ll keep reading…

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